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Wow! Thank you to all the wonderful teachers out there in the blogosphere! You have provided me with some GREAT ideas to use in my lessons. Today, I am very thankful for all of you!

Let me fill you in…

My partner, also a teacher, just brought me back some fun materials (from the USA) to use and make for my guided reading lessons. Today was the first trial of using WITCH FINGERS in my classroom! 

Witch Pointers

Witch fingers I ordered off Amazon. On Amazon, you can get them any time of year, not just Halloween.

I didn’t have a guided reading lesson today, so instead, I introduced my witch fingers to my Grade 1 students. Most of my students have a difficult time remembering to track or point to the text while reading, but with the implementation of the witch fingers today, they had no such problem! They LOVED them! This was quite a breakthrough for me because when you teach English Language Learners, just relaying the message of what the words “track” or “point” mean can take precious minutes and leave the students confused and unmotivated to track the text.

Now, they love it (and they’re reading better too)!

I can’t wait to use them in my guided reading lessons.

Moving on to my next gadget: “Quiz Me” Sticks. Thanks to Mrs. Patton’s Patch for the inspiration! I had to modify the questions for my kiddos to questions they can read and answer on their own without the help of the teacher. 

Quiz Me Sticks

The questions are the same or similar to ones I use during Shared Reading and Guided Reading. The students can now recognize and read the questions and give me answers in full sentences!

My last gadget I will put into my Guided Reading Gadgets Box are the Silly Reading Glasses courtesy of Tracy Tegeler over at Creekside Teacher Tales. They will be used to model the reading strategy “Eagle Eyes” during my Shared Reading time as well as during guided reading when I want the kids to look for clues in the text.

Silly Glasses

I can’t WAIT to continue to add MORE gadgets to my Guided Reading Gadgets Box! I will keep you updated as I fill it! Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by, and for all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

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